Jugend Eine Welt celebrated its 25th anniversary on 24 June 2022 in the premises of the Tschauner Bühne in Vienna’s Ottakring with 250 guests, including top officials from PACES.

The 25th anniversary celebration was a three in one event, consisting of:

  • a meet up among partners, sponsors, donors and friends,
  • a programme hosted by Chris Lohner, Founder and Managing Director of Jugend Eine Welt; and
  • a garden reception.

PACES President Maria Zelda Rojas and PACES Vice-President of External Affairs Franz Berner attended the event and took advantage of the occasion to congratulate the sponsors, donors, friends and partners present for their tireless humanitarian work. They also took the opportunity to meet with Ms Christina Schatzl-Gruber, in charge of Jugend Eine Welt’s international projects. They discussed the way forward in the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement that PACES and Jugend Eine Welt signed in July 2022. The agreement enables tax-free status for donations to PACES received and processed through Jugend Eine Welt‘s website.

At the get-together after the ceremony, in a relaxed garden atmosphere, a tasty buffet embellished the exchange of thoughts and ideas. The PACES officers in attendance took the opportunity to congratulate and thank Jugend Eine Welt Founder and Managing Director Reinhard Heiserer for the said cooperation agreement.

Jugend Eine Welt is an Austrian aid organisation that has been working to improve the future prospects of children and young people on the margins of society around the world since 1997. Following the principle “Education overcomes poverty”, Jugend Eine Welt supports aid projects, schools, programmes for street children and education projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Similar to PACES, Jugend Eine Welt puts great value in education through this guiding principle,

“The drive to stand up for the rights of children and young people worldwide, to free them from risk situations, to accompany them on their way, to give them a home and the chance of school education or vocational training, has united all our employees since its foundation,” Mr Reinhard Heiserer said.

by Franz Berner, PACES Vice President for External Affairs