Congratulations to Koleen L. Bacud and Cathrine M. Madlangbayan for passing the Civil Engineering Licensure Exam (Board Exam) given in May 2022 by the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission. The two new Civil Engineers, who passed the board exam on their first try, are part of the first batch of PACES STEMS70 scholars who officially graduated in the year 2020.

Engineer Koleen L. Bacud received her diploma in B.S. Civil Engineering from the Cagayan State University in Tuguegarao. She was on the Dean’s list in college, and used to work in the school’s Guidance Office before she was accepted into the STEMS70 program. She is a product of the Cagayan National High School and the Solana South Central School where she garnered academic honors.

Koleen is the second child of Joel B. and Myrna L. Bacud.

Engineer Cathrine M. Madlangbayan, who hails from Ibaan, Batangas, graduated with a B.S. Civil Engineering degree from Batangas State University in Batangas City. In college she was on the Dean’s List, and garnered honors in elementary and high school. She was a student leader in high school and quite active in college extracurricular activities.

Cathrine is the youngest of three siblings of Asuncion M. Madlangbayan and the late Cirilo P. Madlangbayan.

PACES is truly pleased that all four scholars taken in 2017 under the STEMS70 scholarship program completed their studies on time and without any failing grades, despite the trials of the pandemic, and that three engineering graduates passed their respective licensure examinations on the first try. The fourth scholar, with a degree in Computer Engineering, did not need to take a board exam.

As full-pledged, licensed engineers, they embody PACES‘ vision of building a strong scientific and technical manpower base as a vehicle for the development and progress of the Philippines.

The STEMS70 scholarships that supported the studies of Ms. Bacud and Ms. Madlangbayan, and the current STEMS75 scholarship program that has four scholars in college, are a successful cooperation between PACES and its partner, CFC ANCOP.

By Dr. Efren Abaya